I am a psychiatrist in private practice with 25 years experience in multiple  settings including long-term inpatient, acute short term inpatient, partial  hospitalization, outpatient medication management, hospital consultation,  long term psychodynamic psychotherapy, brief psychotherapy, and even  electroconvulsive therapy. I am board certified in general psychiatry  and psychosomatic medicine.
My interests are many. I bore easily. I am fascinated by shamanic healing,  particle physics, quantum theory, Schubert, Brahms, Schoenberg, Jung, Reik,  Pynchon, Proust, Mark Strand, John Berryman, Richard Feinman, Wharhol, Pollock,  Kandinsky, Miro, audiophile stereo reproduction, rocks on the beach, and  small shiny objects.

2 Responses to z

  1. Karen says:

    What number comes after 75?

  2. Rich Orwell says:

    In addition to the more labile Star Wars character, Queen Amygdala, 2 thoughts.
    – The corollary to Physician Heal Thyself, is Surgeon Suture Self (best if spoken)
    – The Higgs Bozo particle goes faster than the speed of light, wearing Clown Shoes.
    Be well.

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