Haiku Haiku

Why do I haiku?
I like its limitations,
leading to freedom.

When I’m limited
To seventeen syllables
I don’t have to think

Limited choices:
Like a frog into a pond.
Plop. My mind is clear.

Freedom of no choice–
Free will is overrated–
I choose to not choose.

It is not no choice
It’s simplifying choices
One Two Three, that’s it.

Haiku time and space
So tiny and constricted:
The infinite Now

Pi day started it.
Combining haiku with Pi?
Like PB and J

What’s the connection
Between haiku and Pi day?
Beats me, FML

Haiku and Pi Day
Intertwine intrinsically
That is what I say

What’s up with haiku?
I am not a good dancer
I write tiny poems

Dancing is better:
I don’t know the Jitterbug.
Plop. I write haiku.

Once I start haiku
It’s hard to stop writing
Even if it’s crap.

Haiku and pooing
So very much in common
They both often stink

Haiku and Tourette’s
Both are uncontrollable
And irritating

I bet you’re counting
Double checking the syllables
Did you catch it? FAIL!

Such a distraction
Counting the syllables, no?
Just try to relax

There is a beauty
To the rhythm of haiku
When it is done well

Beauty eludes me
It’s just a jumble of words.
Fuck it. I give up.

I have a headache
So much for haiku as art
Where’s the aspirin?

My shit doesn’t smell
And my haiku is pretty
I’m delusional

It starts as a lark
And goes on and on and on
Enough already

Enough already !
But the haiku keeps coming
I’m retching up words

Where’s the Imodium
For diarrhea of words?
Plop plop FML

Work great for food poisoning
My disease is worse.

It’s something I ate,
I hope, or just a virus.
Or is it Anthrax???

Just twelve years ago
We were afraid of Anthrax.
My LaSalle ran great.

Obscure references
Provide me with amusement
You can google it

First Alice and Ralph,
Then came Edith and Archie,
Peter and Lois.

My mind, it wanders
That’s the beauty of haiku
The sword cuts both ways

I’m into the zone
When I am writing haiku
You might not agree

Am I in the zone
Or am I just stuck in my head?
I have no idea

I better stop now
Really I should. Please. Stop now
It’s time for dinner.