Post from Defunct Blog 5/7/2011

Last Tuesday, on NPR’s Talk of the Nation, Neal Conan guests were a couple of docs who wrote a book called “Shrink Rap.” They were talking about “what psychiatrists really do all day.” Neal requested to hear from psychiatrists to describe what they liked about their jobs. I sent the following email:

“As a psychiatrist with 20 years experience in multiple setting in three different states, what I love about my job is the opportunity to alleviate suffering and alienation at s human level. Many of the patients I have seen have had bad experiences with prior treatments. Even a 15 minute interaction has the potential for profound healing to take place . I need to know the medications, but more important is the ability to create a genuine and compassionate connection.”

Neal Conan read my email on the air. I chose not to call. I didn’t feel like rapping.

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