Pi Haiku

Oh, Pi in the sky
Why oh why oh why oh why?
Seriously. Why?

Lucy in the Pi
With or without diamonds
Is not a drug song

Pie is delicious
Whether Chicken Pot, or Moon
Pi? Tastes like digits

Moon Pie, num num num
Marshmallow and chocolate
Pi, you have been pwn’d!

My average Haiku
Takes a minute to write;
A lifetime for Pi

Ever heard of this:
Have your Pi and eat it too?
No, it makes no sense

Obsessive thinking:
It might help write Haiku
But it’s annoying

Pi does no thinking
Nor do I when I “Haiku”
Mindless, simple, duh

What’s worse than haiku?
Making an error in math
My cousin says so

Calculus? No thanks
It’s name means stone in Latin
Not fun in kidney

Haiku is not math
But Pi is pure poetry
Do you understand?

When your flying drones
Math accuracy is key
Watch out! Friendly fire!


Haiku is not math
You just count the syllables
Maybe it is math

The beauty of Pi
Is not in the formulas
Snark snark snark snark snark

The beauty of Pi
Is beyond mathematics
Proof is in the… Pi

Two times Pi times r
Just wander in a circle
Back where you started

Around a circle
Pi times so on and so forth
You end up nowhere

Divide Pi by One
And you will have Pi again
Never too much Pi

Pi Haiku is fun
Circumference over radius
It just never ends

Radius times Pi
The result tells you how far
Around the circle

The number starts with
It goes on and on